We decide what we eat!
Our aim is not to produce and consume the rest of our lives but to love, admire and care for life in all its forms.

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Ethics - Our model

The ecological, economic, social and cultural crises we are going through, the challenges we face are unprecedented. The race for growth and unlimited profits depletes resources, alienates people, starves people, destroys biodiversity.
Humanity is at a crossroads. The interdependence of the living being irrevocable, we are called, if we want to ensure the sustainability and development of the human species on the planet, to deeply and consciously change the vision we have of the world and society.

Care for people: 
Food, health, walking, clothing ....

Randonnée dans la montagne Aedéchoise

Hiking routes, Diet, Fitness and Health, relaxation: here we take care of ourselves and the nature around us.

You will discover a way of life where linen and hemp dress you, where plants are natural dyes, where you respect the nature that offers you beautiful healthy fruits and vegetables ....

There is no age to practice walking or contra-indication, unless your doctor advises you of course. Unlike walking, walking even moderate or fast, does not cause small jumps or jolts, it is suitable for overweight people, but also for people with sedentary or joint problems. It is possible to practice this physical activity anywhere and at any time of the day and year: whether in town, in the countryside, in the forest, in good weather or in rainy weather, the advantage of this sport is that there is no constraint to practice it.

Animal Care:
Adoptions, accommodation, ethical riding ...

Ganesh et Gaya sont des poulains

Angélique, student in horse ethology

My studies are designed to bring a new perspective on the comfort and well-being of the horse and its rider. A dissertation is a synthesis of observation that leads to a new idea or that brings something to the ideas in place. I speak of ethics more than ethology ... .. because the word ethology has become a little bit of everything and anything to what I could see. It's all-or-nothing, it's "well-seen" or "frowned upon", but finally, did the horse give his point of view?

Ganesh was adopted in a wild breeding. During his first two years, he hardly saw the man.
I never forced Ganesh. For a year, we go for walks, he can graze in the mountains and gradually, he accepted a carpet, a saddle and even a net (which is useless). He listens to my words and I share my simple observations, our work, our hugs. To believe that he would do almost anything to please me

Consumption without waste

Water, land, our food and our quality of life are our first medicine. We prefer our producer, the craftsman and the quality of his work, we have installed dry toilets with bio litter mastered to save the water we drink. Composting greatly reduces waste. We promote renewable and recyclable energies. Our clothes are durable, they open the door of bartering (second hand).

The supermarket is trying to impose a morbid over-consumption of products whose origin is doubtful. It attracts you with promotions that fill the caddies unnecessarily. In France, local producers are present on the markets with fruits and vegetables of good quality. There is still raw milk and farm cheeses.

Your choices of consumption determine the future ...... the freedom that we must defend.

Hummingbirds or Mocking Jay?

Angélique est notre Geai Moqueur

Hummingbirds get their name from a Native American legend, told by Peter Rabhi, its founder: And the hummingbird replied: "I know it, but I'm doing my part. "

The Mocking Jay is the symbol of the rebellion of the Hunger Games.

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Craft Shop

boutique artisanale

We are engaged in a quality approach including: zero waste, zero wastage. We create on demand and measurements people who want a durable garment in linen, hemp ... yak wool. We also use the recycling craft and trade fair.
Our association is self-financed with our Etsy shop